Chloethegod Releases Debut EP Nearly Straight

Artwork: Cristiano Hermoso

Chloethegod’s debut EP, Nearly Straight, is the work of a Gen Z pop iconoclast. The singer-songwriter calls out gaslighting boyfriends (“Good Guys’),” asserts her self-possession, “My Bad, My Fault” and celebrates a lover named “Camille,” who was an activist and a pacifist. Chloethegod’s neo-soul upbringing and love of punk are encapsulated in a fearless but amusing look at life. She taps into the influences of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu when she sings “Bless Your Heart” about spiritual struggles, but “Took A Trip” embraces her alternative rock heart. Chloethegod is a different kind of chanteuse amongst a landscape of R&B girls like Summer Walker and Ari Lennox and pop stars Doja Cat and Sza. Her space is filled with the kind of eccentricity once used to describe Kelis, but Chloethegod does not sound like anyone else. Nearly Straight is insightful and entertaining at a length that creates anticipation for her next project. Chloethegod is on a tour of North America with Amindi and tickets are on sale