Elmiene Announces Def Jam EP


Elmiene’s next EP is coming out this fall via Def Jam/Polydor. “Marking My Time” is the title track co-written with Jamie Woon and James Vincent McMorrow. The R&B singer’s fervid life overview is almost acapella with a violin and guitar as the only other sounds mingling with his vocals. He released the El-Mean EP independently last spring to critical acclaim. The British crooner explained the new EP in a press release:

“The general theme of this project is trying to mark my time not in terms of history but just for me personally, so I don’t get lost. Almost making a checkpoint to anchor myself. Even sonically it’s like I’m marking my stamp that I put on things. Because I’m so deep in looking back behind me, I always found myself stumbling over what’s gonna happen next. So when my life started speeding up massively, I had to learn how to keep an eye on both sides – appreciating the past in order to do the future the right way and do it justice.” 

Marking My Time will be released on October 20th and Elmiene will go on a brief tour of North America on the 29th.