Kevin Ross Releases Midnight Microdose Vol.2

Credit: Steven Jon

Kevin Ross’s Midnight Microdose Vol. 2  EP is about one man’s journey to love. The title is a reference to the brief but intense songs that mostly clock in under two minutes. The narrative follows all the feelings behind adultery, lust, and paranoia, ending with him finding a healthy and true love. “Ain’t Mine” is an honest account of enjoying a relationship with someone else’s partner. Ross sings with conflicted emotions as he tries to understand the appeal of taking risks. He is just as honest about his feelings when singing about lust on the torrid pop-rock flavored “Animalistic.” “Ready For It” is a sweeter moment in love with Eric Bellinger and it has Usher’s tone and technique all over it. The evolution of his heart’s path from disappointment to finding bliss is reviewed in “MM V2 (The Flow Through).”

Ross described the music in a statement:

“If I had to sum up Midnight Microdose Vol. 2 in one word, it would be, DRAMATIC. I love sequencing my projects, whether to create a flow, set a vibe, tell a story or all three at once. Excited for people to uncover another layer of my artistry with this project.” 

MMV2 starts out with toxic connections but ends with a healed heart. Stream it below and watch the video for “Ready For It.”