Phat Kat’s J.Dilla-Produced Dedication To The Suckers Re-Released


Phat Kat’s Dedication To The Suckers has been remastered and re-released via The Netherlands Below System Records. The digital version is available now and the vinyl edition will come out soon. J.Dilla produced all six of the tracks on the 1999 EP. Phat Kat revealed in an interview that he and  Dilla completed the EP in three hours one night. Agor produced the 2015 Re-Dedication To The Suckers, which features Guilty Simpson and Elzhi. That release’s US and European digital versions will be available on September 29th. The vinyl copies of the EP will have Dedication To the Suckers on the A-side and the Re-Dedication of the Suckers (U.S. version)on the B-side.