Jalen Ngonda Offers Another Preview Of Debut Album With So Glad I Found You

Credit: Rosie Cohe

Jalen Ngonda’s “So I Glad I Found You” is the third and final single from his soon-to-be-released debut album. Ngonda’s ’60s and ’70s time machine sound stuns with an audio patina that defies his age. His falsetto conveys a chilling devotion that is odd amongst countless R&B tunes fervent about fast sex. He is candid about his love of the Motown records he grew up listening to and that sound along with some of contemporary style is what inspired the album. He says,  “I love music from the 20th century— I listen to it all the time, but I’m in this world and the 21st century. …to a stranger, I’d describe my music as modern soul and R&B, while trying to fit in the Beach Boys and the Beatles somewhere in between.” 

Come Around And Love Me will be released on September 8th by way of Daptone Records. A tour of North America starts on September 5th and tickets can be purchased now.