Legendary Poet Mutabaraka Re-emerges With Black Attack Produced By Mad Professor


Dub poet Mutabaraka ceases a 14-year break with the release of “Black Attack” produced by Mad Professor. The dub prophets reconnect to make a perky song about everything in the way of progress for Black people. Mutabaraka’s list of problems is serious but Mad Professor’s rhythms sound festive despite the gloomy poetic assessment. He explained how the song happened in a statement, “’Black Attack’ is attacking all the things that are keeping black people from progressing after 500 years of slavery and now colonialism, I had connected with Mad Professor over ten years ago and he actually sent some riddims but we didn’t connect again until last year when I was in England.”

The single is the first from Mutabaraka’s upcoming album also titled Black Attack. He is just as concerned with Black life and freedom as he was when he started publishing his poems in the ’70s. His Cutting Edge and Steppin’ Razor radio shows were another place where he shared his strong opinions and they were two of the most popular shows in Jamaica. Mutabaraka and Mad Professor performed together at Rototom Sunsplash in Europe earlier this month. Black Attack comes out on October 6th via Shanachie Records.