Noname: Sundial Album Stream

Credit: Mahaneela

Noname’s Sundial album is out now after a five-year break when she last dropped her Room 25 sophomore album. The opinionated rapper has critical observations on pop culture, beauty standards, black celebrities and relationships. Her sharp eyes see the shortcomings of so many things and she never hesitates to share her feelings unfiltered and free from any worries about “being canceled.” She has already said that she will not apologize for Jay Electronica’s verse on “Balloons” about the Ukraine war being a hoax despite the backlash. In “namesake” she dismisses Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna and Beyoncé for their relationships with the NFL but is self-critical of her own association with Coachella.  When she isn’t calling out hypocrisy she shares her love for Afro-diasporic communities on “gospel?” with a group of guests including billy woods, STOUT and $silkMoney. Her team of producers including Saba, Yussef Dayes and more created a relaxed sonic backdrop with jazz and R&B ideas next to the samples from places like the movie Boomerang.  Noname’s Sundial is imbued with her quirky consciousness that is constantly trying to reconcile the world she sees with the one she wants to exist. It is this desire that ends the album with “Oblivion” featuring Common and Ayoni where Noname reiterates her promise to call out a frail world until it is no more.