Throwback: Madonna-Music


Music was Madonna’s eighth studio when it came out in 2000. Madonna co-wrote the title track with Mirwais Ahmadzai after seeing Sting in concert. Audience members at the Sting concert were well-mannered and began holding hands while watching the show. The closeness Madonna witnessed at the concert inspired “Music” and the main hook “Music makes the people come together.” The electro-funk nature of the track was catchy and it was immediately compared to successful dance tracks from the earlier part of her career. Kraftwerk’s “Trans-Europe Express” was the rhythm blueprint for “Music” in addition to influences from Roger Troutman and Herbie Hancock.

The party track was the first single from the album and it reached number one on the Hot 100 and Dance Club Songs charts. “Music” was at the top of the charts in 25 countries and sold really well in America and abroad. The original plan was to have Chris Rock in the video but comedian Sacha Baron Cohen appeared as his character Ali G  who drives Madonna around in a limousine. She wanted to spoof R&B and rap videos and decided to play the part of a pimp-like character who rides around town with her friends drinking champagne and going to clubs. The video won multiple awards including Best Dance Video at the International Dance Music Awards. The song received two Grammy nominations and won two ASCAP Awards. “Music” is one of Madonna’s most-requested songs and she still includes it on her tour playlists. Madonna is currently rehearsing for her Celebration Tour which starts October 14th in London.