SANDS Shares Shoegaze Single When It Starts To Rain


London-based rocker SANDS shares “When It Starts To Rain” from his upcoming album due in the fall. The gloomy chords and psychedelic lyrics SANDS delivers in a semi-monotone is everything fans of shoegaze rock have always expected. The multi-instrumentalist counts The Smiths, David Lynch and David Bowie as influences all of whom are not known for the genre that has had a recent resurgence in Tokyo. “When It Starts To Rain” is the second single from The World’s So Cruel. Last month he released “Transmission” which sounds like British pop from the ’80s. In a press release he stated exactly how he hears the second single; “A daydream in a busy town kind of feel, being completely absorbed by the daily ritual of life in the city yet deeply immersed in your own thoughts, almost like a hallucinatory sleepwalking.”  SANDS’ The World’s So Cruel will hit retail on October 13th.