Lyrical Legend Too Short Joins Latin Rap Linguist Invinceable Celebrating the Gentlemen Club Diary Podcast Anniversary with Rain Dance Music Video

Too Short & Invinceable

Los Angeles – Latin rapper Invinceable first scorched the hip hop scene in 2009/2010 with a speed of light lyrical flow that critics said was rivaled only by Chicago’s own, Twista.  Decades later and Invinceable is still rumbling ten toes deep in the game.  The rapper/entrepreneur/podcaster is celebrating the one year anniversary of his steamy podcast “Gentlemen Club Diary” and the Oaktown godfather himself, Too Short, is celebrating with him. Their video collab, “Rain Dance” marks the occasion and is a photogenic climax of the podcast that has everyone tuning in.

The “Gentlemen Club Diary” podcast was created from an idea Invinceable had during his stint as a strip club manager. The job positioned him up close and personal with the dancers who became not only just his employees but his friends.  Broadcast on YouTube and streamed to multiple podcast platforms, the show is a deep dive with current and former exotic dancers as they relay their stories, personal experiences and even tips and advice on proper etiquette while in the club and interacting with dancers. Invinceable has interviewed guests that have included adult film star Ava Devine, Dominatrix Helena Locke, Savana Ginger and others.

“Strippers, pole dancers and adult entertainers have always been a part of hip hop. After working directly in the club with them, I felt like they needed more of a voice to share their experiences, the bad along with the good,” explains Invinceable.  “I didn’t know how well our podcast would be received, but here we are a year later, and our growing legion of fans just want more from the ladies!  My single “Rain Dance” is a celebration of all the women in the club and a visual treat for our listeners and supporters.  Too Short was one of the first rappers to really acknowledge and sing their praises, so having him on the track is incredible!”  

Invinceable has worked with many pioneers in the game, including west coast super producer DJ Battlecat, Above The Law, Suga Free, Jon B., Kokane and Jayo Felony.  His club banger “Rain Dance,” featuring Too Short, also pairs him with Roman Musiq as the three make it rain on a bevy of booties and beauties.

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