NOBA Releases Self-Love Anthem Choose U


South African singer-songwriter NOBA embraces self-love on her current single “Choose U.” Afrobeats and R&B blended styles sonically back NOBA’s soft but spirited performance with an undercurrent of jazz. The singer who now makes New York City her home revealed in a statement how “Choose U” was created. “I wrote ‘Choose U’ as a reminder to myself and others that what’s in the past is there for a reason and to prioritize our happiness. I hope this song inspires listeners to let go of the past and choose themselves because that is what truly matters. Giving your past the time and energy does not always serve you. That was my lesson.” The serene tone of “Choose U” almost hides the strength of the message NOBA delivers with conviction.  “Choose U” marks a return for NOBA after a break as it was two years ago when she released her debut EP Love: The Challenge. She is planning the visual for “Choose U” which will be available in August.