The 7 Day Weekend Presents High Featuring Sonya Rae Taylor


Kris Yunker and Alan Evans drop a new single as The 7 Day Weekend featuring Sonya Rae Taylor. “High” is a silky R&B jam anchored by the duo’s funk roots. Taylor’s whispery notes glide through the arrangement with the confidence of a new and happy romantic love. “High” will be on The 7 Day Weekend’s upcoming Dream Fantastic album. Their self-titled 2020 debut album was an instrumental project with remembrances of ’90s Acid Jazz and the hiss of old vinyl on a turntable. “Show And Tell” which was their first track with vocals followed in 2022. They describe their sound as “electrorganic music” and cite Canadian composer Galt MacDermont of Hair fame and J. Dilla as equal influences. Taylor is a Boston native who has been sharing her voice on the local blues scene. Dream Fantastic’s release date will be announced soon.