Throwback: The Rolling Stones-Miss You


Mick Jagger wrote “Miss You” with Billy Preston but like all original songs by The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards received credit as the co-writer. The beat was influenced by the band’s trips to clubs blaring disco which was very popular at the time. Sugar Blue’s harmonica played a soulful melody that rivaled Preston’s bass in catching the listener’s ear within the first few seconds. “Miss You” proved that the Stones were able to keep up with the changes in music during the ’70s without losing their core musical identity. Mick Jagger captured the essence of true longing in his vocal performance about a lost lover. “Miss You” was the first single from their 1978 album Some Girls. The album was controversial because of the lyrics to the title track that accused Black women of being oversexualized. Jesse Jackson met with Ahmet Ertegan of Atlantic Records and Black radio boycotted the album. Mick Jagger said the lyrics were actually a parody of racial attitudes and that his band would not become censorship victims.

Some Girls became the Rolling Stone’s best-selling album in the United States and it was critically acclaimed because of the band’s successful melding of current styles with their signature sound. Some Girls has been re-issued several times and the most recent version is a 2012 Japanese-only release. “Miss You” is still favored and seen as one of the best moments in the band’s discography. Prince, Dr. Dre and Etta James have all covered “Miss You.” Drummer Charlie Watts passed in 2021. In 2022, the Rolling Stones appeared on a series of UK postage stamps and the Royal Mint put them on a collectible coin to commemorate their 60th anniversary. In 2023, Mick Jagger celebrated his 80th birthday.