Watch Nova Morph Into The Undead In CTL Video


Watch Afrobeats guru Nova and his love interest transform into vampires in his video for “CTL.” The artist collaborated with designer Damola Rufai on the AI-assisted clip that has him appear as a human in one frame but turn into a contemporary-looking Dracula with the moving of pixels. The premise will remind some of Eddie Murphy’s Vampire In Brooklyn which was also about a Black bloodsucker cultivating romance in the city. Nova embraced the technology with Rufai because, as he states in a press release he did not feel as confident in front of the camera after experiencing an injury to his jaw last year. Their work on the video is one of the less controversial uses of AI as the music and film industries are trying to figure out how to best use the technology. “CTL” which stands for Cross That Line blends R&B, hip-hop and Afrobeats into a dreamy ballad. Toya Aru produced the tune that promises to make fans out of the most casual listener.