RJ’s Latest Arrival Release Video For One Step At A Time Featuring Slum Village


RJ’s Latest Arrival has released the video for “One Step At A Time” featuring Slum Village. Rod Dickerson directs the band as they perform the single in a nightclub while couples dance. Slum Village’s performance is beamed in from a digital billboard somewhere in downtown Detroit. Photos of RJ’s Latest Arrival from the past and present are blended into the visual’s sharp-colored cinematography. The group moved back into the public sphere this year after their classic song “Shackles” was heard on Starz’s second season of BMF. They re-released their second album Harmony as Shackles and began to look ahead with new music. “One Step At A Time” is an essential two-step groove with an infusion of hip-hop. Their unexpected return to music after three decades has skipped tired comeback routines with the new song in favor of a smooth and modern sound.