Aphrose Shares YaYa From Sophomore Album

Aphrose YaYa Cover

Aphrose releases “YaYa” in time for summer playlists and not long before the arrival of her sophomore album. The Canadian songstress takes cues from neo-soul in the song which has vibes from the ’70s and ’90s present in the gospel-patterned rhythms and vocals provided by production team SafeSpaceship. The pace is amiable for dancing and trips with the wind blowing in a top-down convertible. “YaYa” is the second single from Roses and is different from “Good Love, ” a slower, more traditional R&B record. Aphrose emerged with her debut album Element in 2019 after several singles and 10 years of working as a supporting vocalist. She revealed the story behind the new album in a press release: 

“It combines all the sounds I love and is a love letter to my family and where I come from. Throughout the record, there is audio of my (late) grandmother Rose speaking/praying that was isolated from old hi8 home video tapes, and the title single that will be released Roses, is a tribute to her. I’m excited about this body of work because it feels really honest and is exactly the music I want to make right now.”

“YaYa” is a soulful twirl that invites you into Aphrose’s voice with enjoyment and the desire to hear all of Roses when it comes out in the fall.