Kool & The Gang Are The Party

Kool & The Gang

Kool & The Gang drop another single from their forthcoming People Just Wanna Have Fun as they get closer to the release date. “We Are The Party” is on par with the vivacious energy of their classic blowout jams. Robert “Kool” Bell and George “Funky” Brown are still excited about leading the band and making music decades after their debut. Their 34th album was a five-year project with musical influences from more than one place. Bell says, 

“You’ve got the funk, you’ve got the jazzier tracks, we have a few ballads on there. Then there are songs that cross over to a pop sort of thing. We go from the ‘70s, the ‘80s, right into now. It’s old school, it’s new school — we kinda captured it all here. With all our music over the years, people have had fun. So I’d say this album just about sums it all up.”

The album becomes officially available on July 14th just six months before their 60th anniversary. Brown’s book Too Hot: Kool & The Gang & Me comes out on July 11th. They are currently touring the United States through the fall. “We Are The Party” is on time for cookouts and all of the summer get-togethers on everyone’s calendar.