Chlothegod Shares Outta My Mind


Chlothegod shares her sophomore single “Outta My Mind” with a quirky video. The budding singer-songwriter pokes fun at her life by sharing the angst of everything she’s experienced up to now. She says,

“I never actually wrote ‘Outta My Mind.’ I showed up to my session with Mike Irish, the song’s producer, flustered and hungry and nervous about moving across the country to pursue a music career and thought that was fucking insane of me. I had actually just totaled my car and buried my childhood dog and needed to get a few things off my chest so I just stepped into the booth and did a quick 30-minute cry for help and we ended up keeping the vulnerable bits. ‘Outta My Mind’ is near and dear to me. It’s a compilation of my childhood soundscape and a confession of my worst fear; not being sound enough for love and life but it’s also meant to feel triumphant. I’ve made it this far with this brain, as muddy and as nutty as it gets, and I have so much more to give.”


The North Carolina native dropped her debut single “Camille” which was dedicated to queer love just months ago. The R&B single is the opposite of the punk-pop vibes of “Outta My Mind.” She credits her parents’ influence on her sound as her father listened to alternative music and her mother was a neo-soul fan. “Outta My Mind” is that thrashing release so many people can relate to and Chlothegod’s passion and wide sonic palette reveals a new artist to watch.