DJ T-1000 Releases The Spectral Fusion EP


DJ T-1000 kicks off the summer with The Spectral Fusion EP. More than a year ago, he released Don’t Complain, Don’t Explain EP, which moved bodies with its bottomless drums and savage synths. The current EP intensifies the dance mania with frenetic energy and subterranean swagger. The four-track flood of rhythm has an inspirational debut to T-1000’s early love of Lenny White and John Scofield’s jazz fusion classics Streamline and Blue Matter. The former is reconsidered as a techno-funk trek replete with racing cymbals, handclaps and resounding drums. The latter’s harmony is a starting point in the tribute which rattles and hums along before rising into a mini cyclone of pummeling beats. Finally, T-1000 takes  the World Economic Forum’s once-a-year meeting in Switzerland with the electro jam “The Luciferians.” The Spectral Fusion EP is available via Bandcamp and all streaming platforms. The DJ/producer/visual artist is making his global rounds taking techno on the road as usual and the dates are below.