BLK ODYSSY’s Diamonds & Freaks Lands


BLK ODYSSY’s DIAMONDS & FREAKS is officially out after a three-song and two video preview. The singer’s sophomore album is a sensual ride through his relationship and sex adventures. The almost one-hour playlist has guest appearances from Bootsy Collins, Rapsody, Cory Henry, KIRBY, STOUT and production from The Alchemist. The gauzy sonic shapes proudly flauts Funkadelic, Outkast and jazz stylistic roots in the vocal and instrumental layers. ODYSSY’s voice alternates between a whisper and a regular speaking tone whether he is sing-rapping about lust or love. The eternal pull between these two emotions never loses its relevance in the human experience and ODYSSY’s honesty pulls ears into the diary. Collins narrates the album which is presented as a four-part erotic novel by poet Keisha Plum. DIAMONDS & FREAKS flips open the complexity of desire from a sex addict trying to negotiate love while addressing materialism. ODYSSY also released a visual for “Pink Marmalade” featuring Eimaral Sol from the album.