The B-52’s Cindy Wilson Releasing Realms Album


Cindy Wilson of The B-52’s has announced a new solo album coming out this summer. Wilson’s Realms will be her second solo album. She released her first album Changes in 2016. Today she shares “Midnight” from Realms and she explained to Spin what it was like working on the album.

“Being in the B-52s has been a playful and creative endeavor. Doing the solo project with Suny Lyons has been too. I worked with Suny on a previous effort called Changes and enjoyed working with him, so I asked him to do the next one, Realms. I feel the techno vibe mixed with other elements is modern and unexpected, which is beautiful. I got to use my strong voice emotions with the tender, and I love it. The first song Midnight, goes through the realms of midnight. It’s an upbeat dance dream of love at a magical hour. Inviting the listener to come along. Let’s go!”

The B-52’s helped bring new wave music to the mainstream during the ’80s and became pioneers of the sound. Their playful spacey rock evolved over time and stuck one foot in pop without ever losing their core musical identity. Wilson also released two EPs; Sunrise in 2016 and Supernatural in 2017. “Midnight” lives somewhere in the worlds of techno and synth-pop and belongs in a club.