Red Hot Tribute To Sun Ra

(Clockwise from top left: Georgia Anne Muldrow/Angel Bat Dawid /Irreversible Entanglements/Malcolm Jiyane Tree-O)

Red Hot has put together its first tribute to Sun Ra which is coming out Friday, May 26th. Red Hot + Ra: Nuclear War celebrates the work of the late jazz innovator with music from Georgia Anne Muldrow, Irreversible Entanglements, Angel Bat Dawid and Malcolm Jiayne Tree-o. They cover and reinterpret Sun Ra’s 1981 “Nuclear War” single which was about his protest of the Three Mile Island nuclear plant meltdown where he and his Arkestra lived. The album is the first of more to come over the next two years focused on Sun Ra’s vision. Red Hot + Ra can be pre-ordered and Georgia Anne Muldrow’s “Juke Blues” featuring Joseph Leimburg is streaming now. Red Hot has been bringing awareness to A.I.D.S and LGBTQ issues with musical compilations since 1990. Last year they released Red Hot & Riot: A Tribute To Fela Kuti with music from D’Angelo, Niles Rodgers and more.