Lava La Rue Has A New Label & Shares Renegade Video

Lava La Rue has signed a new record deal with Dirty Hit and has a video for the new single “Renegade.” The West London native directed the clip for the psychedelic rock track that portrays them as a bandleader performing amongst giant insects and aliens. The concept is a longtime dream come true and they clarified the aim in a press release:

 “The music video concept came to me after I’d just visited my old friends in Japan who I hadn’t seen since I was living in Tokyo in 2017. I was on the plane home and I started to think about the details of how influential mid-century Japanese sci-fi narratives like ULTRAMAN TARO and their Kaiju monsters have been on western sci-fi tropes we know today from Star Wars to Doctor Who. I’d been doing some deep dive research into this world and knew that I needed to make a nod to it for this ‘New Lava’ era as it’ll visually give a little context/backstory to where I’m going with the music that’s to follow. By the end of my 14-hour flight home I had written the script to the music video and sent the whole idea to my producers Katie, Martha, and Rosie at MrMr film the next day to start production. Within hours of sending them the concept they were on the phone to model villages and I was mocking up alien costume ideas.”

“Renegade” is Lava La Rue’s first release since their High Fidelity EP from 2022. They just performed at Coachella and currently evolving into the queer rock star they wished they had seen in their youth.