Slum Village Release Just Like You Feat. Larry June & The Dramatics

Credit: Frankie Fultz

Slum Village announce their first new album in seven years with “Just Like You” featuring Larry June and The Dramatics. Young RJ and T3 have kept busy since Vol. 0 with solo projects and features but they have now returned to their SV home. In 2022, Young RJ released his World Tour album. “Just Like You” is a flirting session with a potential date and the added enticement from The Dramatics’ vintage soul. Young RJ produced “Just Like You” which straddles both an R&B and hip-hop groove. The new song and album announcement comes not long after the premiere of the New York Times J. Dilla documentary. “Just Like You” is another chapter in the legacy of the group he co-founded with Baatin and T3 years ago.  The Great Escape is scheduled for an August release.