Hil St. Soul’s Fingerprints Celebrates Old Love

Hil St. Soul

Hil St. Soul is still riding the wave of her latest album Back In Love with her single “Fingerprints.” The current music is a joyful return to form and a dynamic reconnection with fans. “Fingerprints” reveals the state of a heart in love and how that feeling lingers over time never losing its emotional weight despite separation. Soul’s performance takes all the skepticism out of reconciliation and makes it sound like a fated true love. Her vocals convey a carefree surrender to memories of a past romance and the classic soul production values add warmth. The story and sounds are what fans expect from Soul as they continue to appreciate her style after more than two decades of music. “Fingerprints” will light up the spring and summer with a feeling of eternal love that some will call a neo-soul throwback but is really timeless RnB.