Throwback: Lisa Stansfield-Change

Lisa Stansfield’s “Change” was a swanky disco cut of a lesser tempo adorned with beautiful piano and strings. Her sophomore album Real Love came two years after her 1989 debut album Affection. She co-wrote the songs on both albums with Ian Devaney and Andy Morris. “Change” was the first single from Real Love and it was a hit in the United States and Europe. Stansfield’s alto conveyed devotion to a longtime love within a musical arrangement that had strong hints of her Barry White influences. Knuckles and Driza Bone remixed “Change” and two videos were made for the single; one for the US and the European version. Real Love was critically acclaimed and achieved commercially by charting in the Top Ten section of the charts domestically and abroad. Stansfield released her eighth studio album Deeper in 2018. In 2022, she performed at the Lytham Festival in the UK.