Louise Burns Drops Bloom Before The Arrival of Element

British-Canadian singer-songwriter Louise Burns shares “Bloom” from her new album. The former bass player for the girl group Lillix wrote the song which was inspired by the pandemic and Jason Corbett co-produced it. The moody tide of emotion heard in Burns’ vocals and synth arrangements reveals her ’80s core influences from Kate Bush, Depeche Mode and Brian Eno. She explained how “Bloom” came about in a press release: 

“I got heavily into nostalgia as a coping mechanism during the pandemic which influenced some of the sonic palettes I was choosing. I suppose I tried to make a chill out downtempo love song inspired by mid-90’s video game music… I brought it to Jason (Corbett, co-producer) and he really made it come alive. I think it’s my first attempt at a proper love song, in my own faux-misanthropic way…”

Element will be Burns’s fifth full-length album since becoming a solo artist after the dissolving of the all-girl band Lillix. She describes Element as a record promoting the need to keep one’s dignity even while going through strife. The album comes out on April 21st.