Cookiee Kawaii Returns With Club Soda Vol. 3 Mixtape


Cookie Kawaii’s Club Soda Volume 3 mixtape sets the mood for spring and summer parties. The New Jersey artist delivers continuous hyped energy on a playlist of songs divided between dancefloor intentions and romantic pursuits. Kawaii’s club world has hip-hop influences that surface during the moments of  “HIPS,” ” Isumad” and “Let Me Rock You.” She also employs humor in a song like “Complicated” with its skinny guitar lines when she honestly admits to overlooking a love interest’s addiction and money-grubbing ways because of her appealing curves. “Candy” will bring back memories of Cameo’s track for some because of the sentiment but Kawaii has crafted a queer oral sex anthem for a new generation. The main point of the playlist is fun and that feeling is never lost even during the slower interim  moments like “On The Moon.” Listen to Club Soda Volume 3 and get taken away to a place where hip-house never died and you are free to love who you want.