Throwback: Aretha Franklin- Get It Right


Luther Vandross and Marcus Miller wrote “Get It Right” for Aretha Franklin’s 1983 album of the same name. It was the second time Vandross produced an album for Franklin with him first taking the honor with her 1982 release Jump To It. “Get It Right” was a sassy dancefloor hit with an inspirational message of resilience. Miller’s bass, the backup singers, the trap drums and Franklin’s vocals made an indestructible groove that could make anyone dance and feel motivated to do their best in anything. Vandross was fulfilling a dream again after the success of Jump To It which earned Gold status.  Franklin was in the second decade of her career and proved her versatility and that she still had something musically vital to say in the ’80s. The album did not have high sales or climb the charts but “Get It Right” was a number-one R&B hit and has gone down as one of Franklin’s underrated dance classics.