Little Richard: I Am Everything Documentary Coming In April


Little Richard: I Am Everything is coming to theaters in April. The late uncredited King of Rock is the subject of a documentary directed by Lisa Cortés. Richard’s story as an early rock pioneer discovered by the Queen of Rock Rosetta Tharpe is examined in the film which has appearances from Mick Jagger, Billy Porter, Tom Jones and more. His musical contributions and conflicted sexuality are looked at as well as the racism he faced as a flamboyant Black man coming up in the ’50s. Richard was one of the first Black artists to achieve crossover success yet white artists like Pat Boone were able to have more success with his songs. There are interviews with family members, musicians, queer scholars and a collection of archived footage. Magnolia Pictures is releasing the documentary for special one-night screenings on April 1st and then a digital release on April 21st. Dee Rees is the executive producer and Tamar-Kali composed the music for the film. Tickets are available at