Crystal Waters Celebrates International Women’s Day With Exclusive Mix On SiriusXM’s Utopia

Credit: Mike Ruiz

Crystal Waters celebrates International Women’s Day and Women’s History month with a mix on SiriusXM’s Utopia. The Queen of House Music debuts the mix at 3 PM ET today and it plays again at 8. The mix will remain on the app for two weeks. She says, 

“I love that Utopia plays some of the older hits but also makes way for new songs from the same artists. You can expect to hear some of my favorite House tracks on this mix and lucky for me, some of them are my friends. There’s a lot of upbeat songs that I’m sure everyone can sing along to.” 
Waters will forever be known for her 1991  dance classic “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” which helped bring house music to the masses.  She recently dropped “2B Luv” which was remixed by another house legend Todd Terry. The holiday also matters to her and she shared what the day means to her.
“To me, these mean standing up for equality for everyone. It means no more stereotypes. It means I can do anything while also giving recognition to those who have been examples of this and inspiration to others. My grandmother, my mother, my aunts and my sister. These are women who, besides the odds, raised children, made sure they were educated and stood with high morals.”
Check out Waters’s mix and her monthly I Am House podcast both on SiriusXM.