Throwback: Teena Marie-I Need Your Lovin’

Teena Marie’s Irons In The Fire was her third album and it was dedicated to her father who had passed three years earlier in 1976. By 1980 Marie was a respected soul star who had initially shocked fans because her Rick James-produced debut album did not have a photo of her. She was an unusual sight as a white woman R&B star with a passionate mastery of the genre. Irons In The Fire was the first time she produced herself and she wrote the majority of the songs. “I Need Your Lovin'” was a bold uptempo party record introduced by Allan McGrier’s wicked bassline. The combination of jazzy horns blasting and classy strings in the arrangement made “I Need Your Lovin'” a disco-funk hybrid. Marie’s vocals came in with the force of a storm putting soul fans in awe of its layers of emotions. “I Need You Lovin'” went to number two on the Dance charts and solidified a lot of people’s feelings that she was the Ivory Queen Of Soul. Marie later admitted that Irons In The Fire was her favorite album and “I Need Your Lovin'” still highjack parties with its timeless grooves. I Need Your Lovin'” still highjacks parties with its timeless grooves and Marie’s posthumous legacy is still respected and free of any culture vulture criticisms.