Crystal Waters’ 2B Luv Gets Remixed By Todd Terry & David Morales


Crystal Waters’ “2B Luv” has been remixed by Todd Terry and David Morales in time for Valentine’s Day. David Anthony who produced the original version is also on the remixes.  “2B Luv” debuted in 2022 and  Sir Charles Dixon, Ricky Nelson aka Housewerq and Stone Bridge produced the first round of remixes. Waters is still just as excited about making dance music as she was back in 1991 when her classic “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” took over global dance floors. She commented on the resurgence of house music in the mainstream in a press release.

“As a person who was told dance music wasn’t real music, that it was just a fad, I’m very happy to see it alive and well after 30 years. I see now in the underground clubs that the kids are back to dancing and feeling the music. There’s a real, new culture and community around House music. I think TV shows like “Pose” gave people an idea of what it was like in the underground scene in the 90s, a little history if you will. And of course when the Queen, Beyonce, crowned it with “Break my Soul”, there was no turning back.”

Beyoncé has cited Waters as one of the major influences behind her Renaissance album. 

“2B Luv” is urbane with gospel roots under Morales’ fingers while Todd Terry accelerates the energy and adds a heavier bottom to the beat. The end result is a new house jam from three legends at work. Waters saluted their work ; “Todd put his foot in this mix! I love it..He took it to a level I couldn’t have imagined, he is the God! David is a master, you can feel every bit of love he put into his mix, he got the song, he got the vibe, it’s just beautiful.”  Waters has come full circle in her ability to create lasting dance anthems with “2B Luv.”