KMD’s Black Bastards Red Vinyl Release On 30th Anniversary


KMD’s Black Bastards 30th anniversary is being observed with a red vinyl release and new packaging. The group’s sophomore album has become a legendary tale in the rise of MF DOOM. At the time he was rapping as Zev Lov x with his brother Subroc. Elektra would end up shelving KMD’s second album because of the cover art depicting a Sambo figure being lynched. Subroc was killed in a car accident before the album was done and Zev Lov X disappeared to re-emerge as MF DOOM in 1999 with his Operation: Doomsday debut. Black Bastards was released in 2000 to critical acclaim six years after missing its original release date of 1994. The album will be available in black vinyl as well as red and DOOM’s Operation: Doomsday is also scheduled for redistribution. Both titles will be available on March 31st and MF DOOM’s estate is offering exclusive KMD merchandise at