Arlo Parks Announces My Soft Machine Album


Arlo Parks is returning with her sophomore album My Soft Machine in the spring. Today she shares the video for “Weightless” which is the first single. Marc Oller directed the clip that finds Parks basically cheating death. She made a statement about “Weightless”: 

“‘Weightless'” surrounds the painful experience of caring deeply about someone who only gives you tiny breadcrumbs of affection. It’s about suddenly realizing that a person has dulled your edges and embarking on the slow journey back to being a brighter version of yourself.”

Parks also shared some of the concepts behind My Soft Machine including substance abuse amongst her peers, anxiety and how films are the “soft machine” lens that people want to use to view life. The British pop singer’s Collapsed In Sunbeams debut established her presence and received international accolades.  My Soft Machine comes out May 26th.