Amp Fiddler Has Fundraiser For Medical Bills


Detroit soul ambassador Amp Fiddler has a GoFundMe page to raise money for medical costs. Fiddler is an independent artist who has graced albums by Prince, Parliament-Funkadelic, Maxwell, Fishbone, Jamiroquai and others. In addition to being a sought-after musician of the past three decades, his own discography of music includes eight solo albums. He is also the person responsible for showing J.Dilla how to use an MPC and introducing him to Q-Tip. Fiddler had surgery back in August and has been at home recuperating. Like most independent artists medical care is costly and right now he is unable to tour because of the need to rest and heal. Most of the goal has been met by his worldwide supporters but there is still time left to show support for this underground legend. Check out the fundraiser’s GoFundMe page.