Watch: Donny Hathaway & Lalah Hathaway- This Christmas


Watch Dr. Lalah Hathaway reinvigorate her father’s “This Christmas” as a duet. Donny Hathaway’s iconic holiday song had an unreleased recording and Lalah’s voice blends with it as if they were together in real time. Her smoky resonance is a welcomed harmonious layer to Donny Hathaway’s upbeat soul celebration. Hathaway co-directed the video with Phil Beaudreau which is similar to Natalie Cole’s “Unforgettable” duet with her late father Nat King Cole which was done years before she passed in 2015.

She spoke to Vibe this year about doing an entire album of posthumous duets with her father and she said that it was something she was working on for a future release. “This Christmas” is the first song to give an example of what father and daughter sound like together. She previously recorded “This Christmas” in 2017 as a Spotify exclusive and that was also the year of her last solo album Honestly. The singer went to Twitter to let everyone know that she, her sister Kenya, her sister’s two daughters and their mother are all on the duet recording of “This Christmas.”