Hil St. Soul Wants Christmas With You


Hil St. Soul imagines a romantic connection during the holiday season on “Christmas With You.” The U.K.-based chanteuse has released her first-ever Christmas song. She shared the story about her debut holiday tribute in a statement,

“After completing my current album ‘Back In Love,’ myself and my producer Lorenzo Johnson started a conversation about doing a Christmas song. It’s my first time ever recording a Christmas song, so I was up for it! Essentially this song is about a long-distance relationship and the longing to spend Christmas with that special person or people in your life. Christmas for me is a time of celebration, a time where family members get a chance to get together. It’s a time for gathering and spending quality time with loved ones, and in some cases a time for breaking bread. A lot of couples are away for work prior to the holidays but come back home for Christmas and it’s time for them to reunite.” 

The sultry plea for togetherness is a nod to couples but at Christmas, it becomes a universal theme for anyone feeling alone. “Christmas With You” is more new music from the singer who just released her critically acclaimed Back In Love album. Hil St. Soul just entered the pantheon of singers with original  Xmas music and it is a song that will be heard year-round.