Throwback: Cassandra Wilson-You Move Me

Love Jones Soundtrack cover

Cassandra Wilson’s “You Move Me” appears on the soundtrack to the 1997 film Love Jones. The jazz singer’s nuanced lower register projected an earthy desire that matched the movie’s bohemian aesthetic and love story. Lyrics describing trembling thighs and eyes blinded by rainfall captured the quintessence of romantic love with poetic virtue. Wilson guided every note of “You Move Me” as the writer, producer and performer of the song. Her voice soothed in its appeal to the senses with soulful intonations acknowledging a primal love.  “You Move Me” was exclusive to the soundtrack and the most favored of the three jazz songs on the compilation that is often cited as one of the most admired of the decade.  Cassandra Wilson released her 19th studio album Coming Forth By Day in 2015. In 2022, Wilson became a recipient of the NEA Jazz Masters Fellowship.