Trevor Noah Hosts Black Theater Night At A Strange Loop

Trevor Noah hosts talkback on Tuesday for Broadway’s A Strange Loop, here pictured with Playwright, Composer and Lyricist Michael R. Jackson, creator of the Tony Award Best Musical; and its Choreographer Raja Feather Kelly  (photo credit Avery Brunkus)

Tuesday night Trevor Noah hosted Black Theater Night on Broadway at A Strange Loop. The television host loves the show and has seen it multiple times. “I’ve now been to A Strange Loop four times and it’s funny [but] every single time I come I feel like I’m focusing on something different, I’m learning something different and there’s a different part of the play that almost gets revealed to me” said Noah.  Playwright, Composer and Lyricist Michael R. Jackson, creator of A Strange Loop; Choreographer Raja Feather Kelly and Musical Director Rona Siddiqui joined Noah and cast members James Jackson, Jr.; L Morgan Lee; John-Michael Lyles; John-Andrew Morrison; Jon-Michael Reese; Jaquel Spivey and Jason Veasey for the discussion.

Noah also said: “What I find interesting about it, in particular, is the first time you watch the play, for instance, you may think, depending on who you are, ‘Oh, this is a play about Black and white.’ The second time you watch it you may go, ‘Oh no. This is a play about religion and how it controls people’s lives and how it tells us how we should be or shouldn’t be.’ Then it becomes about acceptance. Each time it feels like there is a different layer. And really, the more I watch it, I realize it almost feels like a commentary on all these little prisons, all these structures, all these systems and I guess the most confining one being our minds.”

A Strange Loop will play for seven more weeks before the final show on January 15th, 2023. Michael R. Jackson’s Pulitzer-prize-winning play centers around Usher who is a queer Black writer writing a musical about a queer Black writer writing a musical.

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A Strange Loop Playwright, Composer & Lyricist Michael R. Jackson (standing) with A Strange Loop Musical Director Rona Siddiqui; actors John Michael Lyles, Jon-Michael Reese, Jason Veasey and John – Andrew Morrison; Trevor Noah; A Strange Loop Choreographer Raja Feather Kelly ;actors James Jackson, Jr., L Morgan Lee and Jaquel Spivey
A Strange Loop cast and creatives backstage with Trevor Noah.