Black Eyed Peas Share More From Elevation With Simply The Best Feat. Anitta & EL Alfa


Watch Black Eyed Peas in their video for “Simply The Best” featuring Anitta and El Alfa. It is the second single from their forthcoming Elevation album. They dropped “Don’t You Worry” featuring Shakira and David Guetta during the summer. “Simply The Best” has a global flavor with Latin chords and El Alfa’s rapid-fire rap in Spanish. The party track is produced over a house beat and uses the piano to hold it all together. Elevation is the group’s ninth album and says,

“We were behind the front, then we bridged the gap. We rode an elephant’s back to realize the industry was full of monkey business. That was the end, but the end is new beginnings. Becoming masters of the sun, mastering the industry, we realized we had to have translation in this complex world. But we be falling up, and never falling down. Black Eyed Peas is known for elevation. This is the next stage for us, reaching higher.”

Elevation will be properly released on November 11th.