Mystic Drops 1st Film Installment With Video For Butter (Green Light)


Bay Area legend Mystic has a video for “Butter (Green Light)” from her recently released album. The rapper/educator/activist/singer returned after an eight-year break with her third full-length Dreaming In Cursive: The Girl Who Loved Sparklers in August. The video showcases Mystic having a romantic relationship and is part of a forthcoming short film entitled A Black Love Trilogy. She explained the story behind the song in a press release: 

“‘Butter (Green Light)’ is what I call a b-girl ballad, and a ‘you might just fall in love’ record. As a grown woman, I have learned that not every man I date is meant to be the one, and I wrote this while dating a man I knew I would not end up in a relationship with. I drew from that and other positive experiences to write this song. Knowing this allows me to enjoy the dating process and be present in the magic and good feelings when everything is new, and you are learning someone. While you may walk into love with that person, you may just catch some incredible sunsets and have a good time without moving forward into something more. The world needs more lovers—we all deserve to be loved wholly and passionately, whether in a committed relationship or not, and taking our time to be intentional and present from the very beginning contributes to this.”

Mystic was last heard from on her 2014 Beautiful Resistance album. In the ’90s she toured and recorded with Digital Underground as DU Goddess. Her Grammy-nominated debut album Cuts For Luck Scars For Freedom was critically-acclaimed and was also nominated for a BET Best Female Hip Hop Artist Award. She took time away from music to focus on education and graduated with a degree in interdisciplinary studies. Her latest album was financed after a successful Indiegogo campaign.