Hil St. Soul Glows On A Feeling So Beautiful


Hilary Mwelwa aka Hil St. Soul breaks her musical fast with a late summer song called “A Feeling So Beautiful.” The steadfast songstress exalts the romantic link between two people from the physical to the emotional. Her mahogany tone chimes with the excitement of being in love as gentle rhythms and charming keyboards lift her words. The U.K. R&B queen described her latest work in a press release, “The song is about the physical and spiritual connection between two people. It’s like a love letter to that special person in your life and is about reminiscing on the previous magical night that was had but also about being in the present moment and expressing your desire to create more magical moments.”

Mwelwa’s “A Feeling So Beautiful” follows her previous interpretation of the Ohio Players’ “Heaven Must Be Like This”  and her “Blessed” duet with Noel Gourdin. These songs are her movement into completing her next album which she is really grateful to be working on after all the challenges of the pandemic. “A Feeling So Beautiful” stays true to Mwelwa’s soulful aesthetic and will delight fans until the release of her next full-length album.