Jayd Ink Sees The Release of Her Catching Red Lights EP


Toronto chanteuse Jayd Ink’s Catching Red Lights EP was released today. The Los Hendrix-produced “Queen Street” which is her most recent video is part of the trio of songs. The laidback “Rollin” and the contemplative “Stuck On Earth” round out the tracklisting. The EP’s sound hearkens back to ’90s R&B and the length is just enough to build anticipation for her album debut. Ink has been busy since she beat the competition during an episode of the American Idolesque show The Launch back in 2018 on national Canadian television. The singer has also landed a leading role in the Youtube animated series Rainbow High. Catching Red Lights is a cool introduction to Ink’s voice and style that inspires curiosity about the direction of her proper full-length player.