Rapper Big Pooh Returns With To Dream In Color Album

Rapper Big Pooh is back after three years with his latest solo album To Dream In Color. The co-founding member of the North Carolina trio Little Brother started working on the music in 2016. He revisited the demos he made and turned them into what he calls a reflection of the life he has lived so far. The 10-song player is welcomed because Pooh was last heard from on Little Brother’s May The Lord Watch in 2020. He revealed his thoughts about To Dream In Color in a press release: 

To Dream In Color represents living life. A lot of times we are so focused on goals that we never stop to see all that we’ve accomplished… With this album, my focus was on painting a picture with words. I wanted to essentially create an audiobook. My hope is that listeners get a better sense of who I am as a person by actually hearing my story. I speak about lacking confidence, stage fright, swallowing pride, my childhood, and so much more. This is my most personal body of work and it’s some scary shit knowing people are gonna listen, judge, and maybe take something away from it that I didn’t intend. That’s when you know you have made great art, though.”

The rapper who has also been DJing under the name RPM is launching his headling tour this Thursday, August 25th in Charlotte, North Carolina.