Throwback: Santana-Smooth Feat. Rob Thomas

Carlos Santana’s “Smooth” featuring Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas was from his band’s 18th studio album Supernatural which reintroduced his music to the world of pop and gave him a mighty comeback. Itaal Shur and Rob Thomas co-wrote “Smooth” which was originally Shur’s creation called “Room 17” until Thomas changed the lyrics. The song took off and gave Santana his first number one hit and was one of the factors in the huge success of the album. “Smooth” topped the charts internationally and a whole new audience became aware of Santana who started his career in the late ’60s. He was mostly known for his version of “Black Magic Woman” which was released in 1970 but “Smooth” became his new signature song. Billboard recognized the song as the number one rock song in the history of the Hot 100 Singles chart.

was released in 2021.