SkyBlew & Navo The Maestro Share Keys Of Light Album


SkyBlew and Navo The Maestro are a rapper and producer pair from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The young hip-hop artists have used their love for classic hip-hop to craft a sound not usually associated with the millennial set.  Their album Keys Of Light questions the origins of the forgotten crack epidemic one minute and celebrates unconditional love in the next. SkyBlew’s rhymes of resilience and Maestro’s preference for soft keys, minimal scratches and lazy drums reopens the longtime conversation between hip-hop and jazz. The whole thing is a perfect laidback summer vibe despite some of the sobering topics. SkyBlew has released music since 2011 but Keys Of Light is his first collaboration with Navo. The current album is the most cohesive yet of SkyBlew’s catalog. Listen to Keys Of Light and watch the video for “2 The Max.”