Chuck D’s Book Of Fine Art Coming Out In The Fall

Chuck D will see the publication of his first art book this coming fall. Livin Loud is a body of work influenced by his politics and musical influences. The pieces will be accompanied by Chuck D’s commentary informed by his time growing up in the ’60s during the Civil Rights movement. Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello wrote the foreword for the book that has over 250 works. The book brings Chuck D’s career full circle as he was a graphic artist before he co-founded the rap group Public Enemy. He explained this move in a press statement:

“I was already expressing my political viewpoint through my art and graphics, so the bridge into music was a natural next step. First, I expressed myself with my head and my hands, and then later with my voice.”

Genesis Publications will release Livin Loud on November 29th as a hardcover and there will be 1,200 signed copies bound in cloth with gold foil in a clamshell box. A second volume is included and has a reproduction of Chuck’s sketchbook. The deluxe edition has numbered prints of Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys and Run DMC. The Collector’s edition has the same features except for a numbered print of Public Enemy. To order the book check out