Freddie Gibbs Makes Film Debut In Down With The King


Freddie Gibbs is stepping in front of the camera more as an actor. He just appeared in the television series Power Book IV: Force and Peacock’s Bust Down and now he is sharing his debut in a feature film with Down With The King. Xabi Molia and Diego Ongaro co-wrote the film and Ongaro is also the director. The story follows Gibbs’ character Money Merc who also is a rapper and his manager-directed retreat from the music industry on a farm. The audience sees Merc submerge himself into the rural community while contemplating his career as he goes through a deeper self-discovery that leads him to a new path. Gibbs also serves as an executive producer on the film that is a critics’ choice selection at 26 film festivals. Down With The King comes out June 28th via video on demand.