Pink Siifu’s Gumbo’! Deluxe Arrives

Pink Siifu’s Gumbo’! deluxe version expands the experience with some of his previous collaborators.  Zelooperz, Valee and Remy Banks are among the crowd that take part in 10 new songs. Kenny Beats, Swarvy and Michael White also give the album a second life with their production. The new edition comes out while Siifu is taking part in his 4 Tha Folks’! tour of the United States. The month-long jaunt through 14 cities has support from VonBeezy, Peso Gordon and Turich Benjy. Siifu released the video for “Voicemails Uptown” at the same time he announced the deluxe release last month. The abundant tracklisting proves that Siifu’s pyschedelic trap-soul has yet to run into a creative block. 

Pink Siifu Gumbo Deluxe